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    Po Box 384, Maroubra, NSW, 2035

    (1300) 793898

    Termite Control, Bird Management Services, Possum control services

    South Sydney Pest Control provides both commercial and residential pest control services including:* Pre-purchase Building & Timber Pest Inspections* Termite Detection Report* Termite Management Systems* Commercial Pest Management* Washroom Services* Bird Proofing* Possum Trapping & Relocation* General Pest ManagementContact Us for a quote on your pest problem.

  • Possum Patrol offers possum removal from buildings and residential homes in the Ryde area of Sydney.

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    Servicing the Northern Suburbs Area of Sydney, NSW

    (02) 9888 6353

    Possum removal services, Possum control services

    Possum Patrol offers possum removal from buildings and residential homes in Rydes and surrounding suburbs in Sydney. Possums find their way into our homes and buildings by exploiting weaknesses, gaps and openings. Materials that have become dislodged and/or deteriorated often provide the opportunity. In order to get rid of possums it will be necessary to locate the possum hole where the possums are entering the roof. These holes are then neatly blocked with materials that are fixed into position. A one way exit facility is then installed into the roof tiles. This allows the possums to escape from a sealed roof void or and cavity and not return. The possum finds alternative accommodation elsewhere and your roof space becomes quiet. By remaining in familiar habitat the possum has the best chance of survival. We Remove all Possums Humanly. Please contact us for more information.

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    Servicing the Lower North Shore Area of Sydney, NSW

    (02) 9817 3848

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    32 Roger St, Brookvale, NSW, 2100

    (02) 9939 8208

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