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Welcome to the LivePages Local Business Guide for Melbourne, WA. From here you can browse for business listings by simply clicking on the category links on the right of the page, or by using keyword search provided above.

At LivePages we aspire to being more than just another local business directory for Melbourne. We want to build a highly useful lifestyle guide that puts all the businesses and services you need in one, reliable place.

More than just a Local Business Directory for Melbourne

Rather than just an address, we aim to provide enough information about local businesses to make your choice of service provider or retailer easier.

So look out for LivePages in search engine results as we continue to add more local listings, videos, features, reviews and recommendations to keep you up to date with the best in local Melbourne businesses.

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LivePages regularly feature exceptional local businesses, local events, interesting locations and informative articles to help you discover something new in your local area.

If you are a business owner, an event organiser or would like to contibute an article, please email for more information about being listed in this section.

Recent Reviews:

ITCH NO MORE Mobile Head Lice Specialist Melbourne
5.0 star rating

effective head lice removal service Melbourne MELB

Treated 28/9/13...."My daughter has had numerous infestations from school, and this treatment is the only thing that worked. The cost of chemical treatments and time wasted is...

Bell Air Electrical and Air Conditioning
5.0 star rating

Electrical and Air Conditioning Contractor and Services. Based in Ferntree Gully, Eastern Melbourne MELB

Write your review Josh was friendly, efficient and very thorough. He consulted with me every step of the way to ensure I was happy with the final result....

Website Monitoring Australia
3.0 star rating

Website Monitoring Australia is an Australian no#1 website monitoring service MELB

I was referred to Website Monitoring Australia by one of my friends, who’s also in the web industry. I was having problems with the website and the previous...

Four Seasons Gutter Protection Pty Ltd
5.0 star rating

We are Australia’s and New Zealand’s number one gutter guards,leaf guards and gutter protection in MELB

I have been using Four Seasons Gutter Pro products from the start and there has been no instance till date that has made me to think to consider...

Fly on IT Pty Ltd
4.5 star rating

Website Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, IPhone Development, Logo Design Australia MELB

It is exactly created the way I've actually thought of. I love the color and simplicity of my logo and match my organization's true character....

LC Pet & Portrait Photography
5.0 star rating

A small pet & portrait photography business. MELB

From the moment we met her we knew she was one of a kind! She is a a true artist in every sense of the word. She listens,...

Fly on IT Pty Ltd
4.5 star rating

Website Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, IPhone Development, Logo Design Australia MELB

Fly on IT have been great to work with. They made a beautiful, smoothly operating website that I get comments on from pretty much everyone who sees it!...

Armadale Locksmiths
5.0 star rating

24 hour emergency Locksmith service, locks, and accessories, security devices and locks retailer MELB

Great service from Armadale locksmiths, took care of my lock within a short time. I felt terrible locked out from my own home a weeks ago, when my...

The Money Centre Richmond
5.0 star rating

Special offer for new customers: Bring us your last loan contract from another provider, we will redu MELB

Great company, very fast and good employees....

Fly on IT Pty Ltd
4.5 star rating

Website Design, Web Development, Mobile Development, IPhone Development, Logo Design Australia MELB

Thank you Fly on IT , right now you are my hero and will definitly make use of your services again....

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