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Pest Control Epping - Fully Guaranteed Pest Control - Rat & Rodent Removal - Termite Inspections

Servicing the Northern Suburbs Area of Melbourne, VIC

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Jim's Pest Control, Epping are fully trained, certified and insured to provide you with a safe and effective service. We can set up a guaranteed program to control pests such as rats and mice and termites in any domestic or commercial building and surrounding environment and advise how to reduce the possibility of future problems from occurring.

 Some common areas we work in include: 

* Rat, mice & rodent removal & control 
* Termite control & inspections
* Ant control
* Cockroach control
* Flea & bug control
* Silverfish control
* Spider control
* Wasp Control

Rat, Mice & Rodent Removal:
If you notice any droppings on your floors, greasy rub marks on walls or other surfaces and can hear clawing or scurrying sounds in the night its likely that you have a rodent problem. Jim's Pest Control are experts in safe and effective rodent removal and can also provide good advice as to how to prevent dangerously unhygienic rat or mice infestation in the future.

Termite Inspections & Termite Control:
Termites can cause major damage to any building structure and regular termite inspections are recommended to ensure early detection of any infestation. Prevention is the best strategy when it comes to termites and Jim's Pest Control can provide a very safe and effective termite control solution for your home or business.

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Call us now on 131 546 or visit our website for an obligation free quote or more information.

Trust Jim's Pest control to quickly eradicate rat or rodent infestations from your home or business. Protect your Home or business premises from termite damage with a thorough termite inspection. Acting now can prevent damaging termite infestation.

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