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Hard Disk Recovery
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Data from a failed hard disk can normally be recovered provided you take the right steps

The first thing to know is that in most circumstances, data from a failed hard disk is normally recoverable, provided you don't do too much to aggravate the problem. Always remember that the first recovery attempt is usually the most successful, so if you suspect a disk failure and you're not a techno-wiz, always consult an expert. They have the experience and the equipment to quickly assess your problem and work out the most effective recovery action.

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Home Computing
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Tips for the Cheapest Buying Replacement Ink Cartridges for Inkjet Printers

Buying replacement printer ink cartridges for inkjet printers can be a very expensive exercise. This feature provides some useful tips to take into consideration when buying replacement printer cartridges. Links to local printer cartridge retailers, cartridge refill businesses and online retailers are also provided to make your search for the cheapest possible printer cartridges quick and easy.

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