Standard Listings

Standard Listings provide for a 150 word business description and a single image that can can be a logo, a photo of your premises or vehicles, products or any other business related subject.

Standard Listings are displayed above Free Listings in category pages, but below Premium Listings.

The price of a Standard Listing includes expert setup and search engine optimisation by LivePages.

Alternatively, you can setup the listing yourself and take a 20% price reduction (before any applicable promotional discounts).

Key Features

  • 150 word business description
  • Specified Service Area in which listing will be displayed
  • Single business image
  • Keyword tagging & categorisation
  • Listing optimised for Search Engine indexation for selected categories & specified keywords
  • Ranked above Free Listings and below Premium Listings in Category pages

View an example Standard Listing

I'll set up the listing myself and take a 20% discount.

$240 Per Year (inc GST)

Less 20% (ie $192 per year) if you set the listing up yourself.

Pay by Credit Card or Business Order

Pay by the Month (from $16 per month - by Credit Card only)

The price of all paid LivePages listings is
of professional copywriting and setup.

LivePages Standard Business Listing