Coupon Offers Drive Loyal New Customers

There is little doubt that the marketing flavour of the month is the "Daily Deal" coupon.

But Daily Deals can be a risky marketing venture for businesses as the deal economics tend to be heavily skewed against them. The normal deal breakdown for each deal coupon sold is something like this:

  • 50% of the regular price is applied to a customer discount
  • 25% of the discounted price goes to the business
  • 25% of the discounted price goes to the deal provider

The real risk, however, is that the deal can often run out of control leaving the business with a logistical and customer relations nightmare that can severely damage the long term health of the business.

Consumers Love a Deal!

But consumers love a deal and are being conditioned more and more to do so - so being able to provide valuable deal offers with total control over the deal terms and with little or no upfront costs represents a great online marketing opportunity.

LivePages Coupons are different to the various Daily Deal style coupons now commonly available. We simply provide the functionality for Businesses to add Coupons to their existing Listings to promote Special Offers that LivePages Users can access for free.

Pay only When Coupons are Downloaded

With LivePages Coupon Offers, an actual cost is only incurred when a potential customer prints or downloads a Coupon Offer to their smart phone.

The very act of printing or downloading a Coupon transforms the potential customer into something far more valuable - a qualified customer who is ready, willing and able to engage positively with a business.

And each LivePages Coupon downloaded costs as little as just $1.00 (Free for Premium Listings!)

To get started, just set up a Listing of any type and follow the links to add an unlimited number of Special Offer Coupons.

Would you pay $1 for a new customer?

LivePages Special Offer Coupons:

  • Coupon Offers are printed or downloaded to a Smart Phone for free by potential customers
  • Businesses only pay when a Coupon Offer is printed or downloaded
  • Unlimited number of Coupon Offers per Business Listing
  • Separate web-page for each Coupon Offer, indexable by Search Engines
  • Coupon Offer terms and conditions are totally controlled and performance tracked by the Business from a simple web interface on the LivePages website
  • Coupon Offers are promoted across the LivePages site as well as by locally targeted emails to opted-in subscribers

Coupon Downloads (Print or Smart Phone) are:

  • Totally Free with a LivePages Premium Business Listing
  • $1.00 each with a Standard Business Listing (first 30 coupon downloads are free)
  • $3.00 each with Free Business Listing (first 30 coupons are just $1.00 each)

Where Coupon Offer downloads are required to be paid for, pre-paid downloads are purchased by Credit Card in maximum lots of 30 downloads.

So after setting up a Free Listing, a business can get started with LivePages Coupon Offers for just $30.00.