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About Lynne Goldstein

Lynne Goldstein is a medical herbalist, dietitian, nutritionist and naturopath at View to Health, Naturopathy Clinic in Balmain,

Lynne has been in practice for over twenty-five years and has lectured in natural therapy colleges both in Sydney and in London and has written various articles on natural treatments of health problems.

Lynne graduated in biochemistry and dietetics from Sydney University and practised as a medical dietitian before undertaking a masters degree in biochemistry. She then pursued studies in holistic nutrition, homoeopathy, herbal medicine, ayurveda and iridology attaining a high distinction in nutrition and herbal medicine.

As a Naturopath, Lynne employs natural therapies which encompass nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, homoeopathy and iridology to treat the whole person, not just the disease symptoms.  She finds that by combining nutritional therapy with herbal prescribing and employing iridology as an analytical tool, very successful results are achieved.

Lynne specialises in:

* Digestive and bowel disorders
* Recurrent infections
* Chronic fatigue
* Allergies and food intolerances       
* Hayfever & sinus congestion
* Bronchitis
* Glandular fever
* Stubborn skin conditions
* PMS, polycystic ovaries and fertility
* Hormonal disorders
* Anxiety and depression
* Weight problems

Lynne's naturopathic consultation includes a detailed health and nutritional  assessment as well as an iridology session or an individualised diet program. Her emphasis is on preventing illness and giving the body the right opportunity to heal itself.

For more information please contact Lynne.

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I had been suffering from fatigue for twenty years.

5.0 star rating

Lynne carried out an iris analysis with a detailed report including inherited tendencies to various health problems and weaknesses in certain organs.

I found the iris report very informative. After two months of treatment, which included a herbal bowel cleanse and a tonic, my energy levels are remarkably better. I donít feel fatigued now.

- Carol L.

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