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High Quality European Furniture

Shop 1, 360 Pacific Hway, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065

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At Siekaup you will not only find top German furniture manufacturers SIEKAUP, COR & INTERLUBKE, but also a wonderful selection of complementary accessories. Although small, one could say almost boutique, a visit to our store in Crows Nest is a most worth while exercise especially for the buyer.
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I Love My Siekaup!

5.0 star rating

I am so loving my Siekaup furniture! The moment I went inside their shop and saw their collection of modern furniture, and realized how great the quality and build of their products, I instantly fell in love with it. So, I got one, and now a proud owner of a Siekaup’s furniture.

- Josephus Weir

Siekaup, The Best German Furniture in Town!

5.0 star rating

My interior needed some improvement and one good way to start is to replace my old furniture with new modern designed ones. Friends of mine suggested German furniture, not just for the quality but design wise. I surfed the net for German furniture located here in Australia and I found one. I went there to check their display and I was amazed with their products. I also found out that they have accessories for the interior. So I managed to get a proper furniture for my interior, now my place looks better. Im glad we have Siekaup furniture here.

- LP User - 2530

Great German Furnitures

5.0 star rating

German furniture, I think, looks classy and well conceptualized. Designs are very modern, and it would fit in anyones interior like a-T, but its very rare to find stores that sell authentic German furniture here in Australia. And the only place where I found a store that sells, and thanks to my friends, is at Siekaup Sydney. Im so happy that they opened one here because I have plans and will have to change my interior very soon, and there is only one place I could get those German furniture but at Siekaup.

- LP User - 2530

Classic German Furnitures

5.0 star rating

I went to Siekaup one time and the moment I came in to their store, I immediately fell in love with their furniture. German furniture are built and designed durable but with a classy look, and they are comfortable to use, not bulky and uneasy. It is something that you dont see in every furniture shop. I am glad that they came here in Australia, they could cater to furniture enthusiasts like me.

- LP User - 2520

Very Much Impressed!

5.0 star rating

I am so glad Siekaup brought those modern German furnitures over in Australia. Its high time because before they came over, I couldn™t find the right furniture I wanted to have for my home. The stores I went to have all the same designs and I find them boring. But when I heard about Siekup having opened a store here, I went straight away hoping that they have what I have been looking for quite some time. Alas! My prayers were heard, and I was not disappointed, the moment I got inside their store and saw their collection. Now I have got myself a classy house with furnitures and accessories that are not just comfortable but also modern. The furnitures and accessories i bought gives this distinct look for my home. I am sure my friends will envy me when they come over for tea time.

- Mrs Rosenberg

It's Worth It!

5.0 star rating

I have always fancied German furnitures but never had the chance to get one for the reason that there is not a single furniture retail shop like that in Australia. I never thought that one day I could get one for myself. Thanks to Siekaup in Sydney i have gotten some fine classy German furnitures for my house. Now my interior looks modern, better and not boring because of these modern European furnitures i bought. My visitors will never feel the same after they come visit my place. So i raise my glass and give toast to Siekaup!

- LP User - 2330

Siekaups is Splendid!

5.0 star rating

Never in my wildest dreams would I think that my houses interior would look this good, actually it looked better since I got my furnitures at Siekaups Sydney Australia. Never did I also think that these German furnitures could give style to my interiors, give it class! If youre a homeowner who goes for modern furnitures and who wants to have more class in their homes, I suggest Siekaups Australia for you!
I am so thankful they opened one here!

- LP User - 2330

Love Their Modern Furnitures

5.0 star rating

I have good taste on fine looking furnitures most especially modern ones at the same time gives comfort to home owners, those with a very unique design. I just do not just go for the expensive ones but I also go for style! That’s why I have always been attracted to German furnitures all because they have good designers when it comes to European furnitures and I am so glad they opened one here in Australia! Siekaups at Crows Nest NSW paved way for people like me who admires contemporary German furnitures to appease my taste for style and comfort! More power to you Siekaups and I hope you’ll stay longer in the modern Europen furniture business.

- Pets

Worth The Buy!

5.0 star rating

These German furnitures from Siekaup in Sydney Australia are beautifully designed. Design wisevery modern and contemporary, and build is good, ! I have got one for my house just recently and it really made a difference in terms of look and feel inside my home. Most furnitures I have seen while I was shopping around were a bit off in design and the build I find it made in cheap materials. Some might say those furnitures I saw are passe, but when I saw Siekaups Australia, you can immediately tell the difference just from the design itself and the build. I never had second thoughts when I bought those furnitures from Siekaups. Worth the buy!

- Steph

Outstanding Designs!

5.0 star rating

I needed to change the look of my home and i was looking for a good furniture retailer. I used the internet just to look for one that would really suit my taste when i saw Siekaups. I went there personally and the moment I went in, all I can think of isGEE! Their products and its designs are very Europeanso classic and very Avante Garde! And the materials used are of good quality. It is something that you dont get to see in some stores. I was just looking for a sofa for my place but when I saw their coffee table I thought this would go together with the sofa! So I got both of them and I am so happy now that my home looks fashionable with that outstanding design! My home will never look that dull ever again. A toast for Siekaups for having such a classy fashionable products.

- VTaylor

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