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Pest control and termite management.

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Sherlock Pest Control experienced pest control technicians are waiting to eliminate pests in the Sydney Metropolitan area such as termites, cockroaches, rodents and spiders. We use environmentally friendly Exterra for our termite management.

Exterra is designed for use in and around a building under attack from termites and/or as part of an ongoing monitoring plan to determine extent of localised termite activity. The aim is to successfully "collect" and bait a large number of termites in a remote Exterra bait station. The baited termites transfer the bait as food back to the central subterranean termite colony, which is eventually eliminated as a result.

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Sherlock Pest control and termite Management:

Until recently, the almost exclusively used method of termite control was the application of a chemical termite barrier. Termite barriers handle the termites looking for wood in the wrong place problem by either repelling termites that attempt to cross the barrier or by killing termites that come in contact with the barrier.

Exterra has changed that with termite colony elimination being most important advantage of Exterra. However an important added bonus of using Exterra is the significant reduction in the amount of toxicant necessary to manage termites at a site when compared to barrier treatments making it more environment friendly.

Our pest control solutions also include control and elimination of the following pests:

* cockroaches
* rodents
* spiders
* ants
* bed bugs
* bees/wasps
* birds
* possums

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