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Asian Inspired Furniture & Homewares

1139 Pittwater Road, Collaroy Beach, 2097, NSW

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Samsara Colloray selects Asian furniture, homewares and gifts that bring elegance to even the most contemporary living spaces. Our Asian inspired collections include furniture and homeware pieces that range from budget to the most exclusive.

Indonesia, India and China remain some of the finest locations in the world for natural wood furniture restoration and manufacture. Each personally selected Samsara furniture piece has been made by hand using traditional tools.

Samsara Collaroy – timeless Asian inspired furniture made to last.

Giovanna Aryafara – Owner and Managing Director of Samsara - travels the world in search of unique pieces from India, Indonesia, China and Tibet, especially for you.

“We try to give people an appreciation of quality furniture that’s suited to our modern lifestyle environment. We have established our own Samsara culture.” - Giovanna.

All timbers used in the production of our furniture are plantation or recycled teak and mahogany, thus ensuring a sustainable source of supply. Cabinet makers who construct or restore the furniture are chosen for their wood crafting skills and expertise.

The finish used on most of our furniture is shellac. It is one of the odest styles of finishes in the world and is still used to produce classic finishes on antique furniture. Beeswax is then applied on top of the shellac to nourish and protect the timber furniture against the elements and seasonal changes.

But Samsara is so much more than just Asian inspired furniture. The Samsara home nurtures all the senses, creating an energy that comes from the layering of furniture, music and art. Our range of books, CDs, incenses, candles and pamper products will help you to create that special ambience in your home.

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Choose a gift that will suit all tastes and styles. With Samsara’s extensive and unique range of furniture and homewares there is something for everyone! - Available in any requested amount.

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