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Makers of Fine Furniture - View our current collection in our Willoughby Store

565-567 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby, NSW, 2068

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Here at Rose & Heather, in Willougby we are proud to offer one of the most comprehensive furniture collections in the world. In addition to this, we have a wide range of complementary homewares from exclusive handmade bed linen to lamps, rugs, art and mattresses.

Our furniture and homeware products are thoughtfully designed and beautifully made and as such, each piece will journey through the years with you. From Apartment to Villa, from Townhouse to Terrace.

There is more to Rose & Heather than fine furniture. While we keep abreast of the latest technology, some aspects of our service could be described as being extremely old fashioned.
At Heather and Rose we are conscious of the fact that our furniture has to fit into a myriad of interiors and rise above constantly changing lifestyles. We achieve this by adhering to classic furniture design elements and as far as possible staying away from any treatment that might date pieces prematurely.

Conversely, we are not afraid of giving our furniture a sleek contemporary look, but do so in a slightly more restrained manner. We do not simply reproduce furniture with past styles or decorative detail, rather, we adapt classic elements and construction techniques to achieve a uniquely Rose & Heather look.

Quality construction and hand-finishing details means Rose & Heather furniture is built to last for future generations. Classic furniture stands the test of time, both in appearance and quality.

An important aspect of the hand finishing process is the application of a sealer to the furniture surface. In part, this is to provide a stable environment for the ancient Kauri, but more so to provide a protective finish for the product. Because the furniture surface has been sealed it does not need to be fed by wax or oils.

Enjoy your furniture pieces. They have been designed and made for everyday use.

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