Renaissance Stained Glass

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Stained glass windows and leadlight windows

499 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby, 2068

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RENAISSANCE STAINED GLASS, in Willoughby is a manufacturer of Traditional Stained Glass and Leadlight windows and products for use at home, in the office or in architecture. We produce stained glass and leadlight window designs from more than 2000 years of inspiration. Products using a variety of new and old glass, machine made "Cathedral" glasses through to hand made "Antiques".

Our expertise includes British, European and Australian manufacture and design techniques, and ranges from Medieval Ecclesiastical restoration and conservation through to individually created contemporary pieces.
RENAISSANCE STAINED GLASS artisans specialise in the design and fabrication of Stained Glass and Leadlights windows for home and office use. All of our panels are original creations and through the artist your ideas can be made reality

Choose from a variety of styles to design your original leadlight window or stained glass window. Our glasses come in a wide variety of colour and texture. Choose a combination that will represent your style and personality, creating a look of luxury, or timeless chic.

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