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FOUND TERMITES? DO NOTHING!!! Contact Purple Pest Control for Premium Pest Technology...

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Termite Treatments, Pest Management
If you think you have found active termites on your property - do nothing. Many termite treatments and procedures require active termites to work with. From experience, the first thing people do when confronted with active termites is to grab a can of fly spray and kill everything in sight. This will kill the Termites you can see and send others in a different direction. Try not to panic - cover up any exposed termite workings with sticky tape and contact Purple Pest Control. We will protect your home and family with environmentally responsible pest management. For more information please contact our website.
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5.0 star rating

Professional and friendly, this company was very thorough. Our pest problem was major but thanks to Purple Pest Control we haven't seen any further signs of our pesky friends. I would highly recommend this pest control company.

- Cate P

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