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Pest control and termite management.

Servicing the Sydney Area

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PESTMASTER, PEST CONTROL provides pest control and termite management for residential and commercial properties in Sydney. We offer a range of pest control service to exterminate unwanted pests in your home such as termites, ants, fleas, cockroaches and spiders.


PESTMASTER , pest control attends your property and does a thorough and complete Termite Inspection and Assessment of your Termite infestation. It will reveal the Termite entry points, where they travelled, the visible and probable damage they did.

Importantly, it will show Termite feeding areas suitable for baiting. Once feeding commences on bait, Termite colony elimination will follow.
Pestmaster, pest control recommends:

You do REGULAR TERMITE INSPECTIONS of your property as recommended by the Australian Standards. Regular termite inspections will not prevent termite attack, but they will minimise the amount of damage caused before the Termites are found and can be eliminated.

Pestmaster also provides general pest control for:

* Birds
* Cockroaches
* Fleas
* Rodents
* Spiders

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