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Reliable Residential Cleaners, Same Cleaner Every Time, Fully Equipped Including Vacuum Cleaner....

Servicing the Northern Suburbs Area of Perth, WA

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1.0 star rating

Purchased a weekly clean. - I wish it were possible to give a zero or a negative score.
The owner (Greg) is one of the most unhelpful business owners I have ever met. He does not consider that he is responsible for whether or not the cleaner turns up or whether or not the cleaner actually does clean anything No, that's wrong, they will organise a different cleaner, but there is no such thing as an apology. After you sack the cleaner, he says only 'what do you want me to do about it?' when only one of your housekeys is returned (or if the cleaner is right, both keys were put in your letterbox without your permission while you were overseas but the key to your front door was missing when you returned).

- Wishing for customer service, Perth

Don't bother!

1.0 star rating

Please do yourselves a favour and do not hire cleaners from this company.

I was charged for four hours work when the cleaners were only here for TWO HOURS.

My house is more untidy now that the cleaners have left then prior to their arrival? Furniture out of place, streaky mirrors and surfaces, entire rooms missed, light fixtures not cleaned, no dusting, blinds not cleaned- I could go on.

Management is rude, unhelpful and unapologetic- I don't understand how the company is still standing.

Please learn from my mistake and don't get ripped off like I have!

- Underwhelmed & Ripped off Perth

do not hire!

1.0 star rating

Absolutely terrible - would not recommend - avoid at all costs! Vacant house clean. Cleaners arrived very late with no apology, 1 cleaner want dressed appropriately wearing dress pants & jacket. Had no products, only a bucket & a hand duster. Was met with attitude, refusing to wash windows, refused to clean ceiling fans, dust light fittings etc. when asked to clean certain areas was told it didn't need cleaning. Was asked when I would be leaving. In the end I realised they didn't want to do the work & weren't going to do a good job. Was sick of the attitude so asked them to leave. After speaking to management I realised it was the right decision as "Greg" was arrogant & unapologetic. Was genuinely shocked & disgusted with Magic Maids level of service & professionalism.

- LP User - 6000

Definitely not a cleaner

1.0 star rating

Other stories sounds familiar - turned up nearly 2 hours late on the first appointment, could not stick to a regular time for weekly clean, would not come in the afternoon because it was too hot (even though I left air con running), arrived late, left early (taking full payment), floors still dirty, bathrooms still dirty, used a slippery cleaning fluid on the wooden floors when told to only clean with water, cleaning fluid overspray left on kitchen doors, walls, bathroom tiles, got rid of her after 3 weeks, wish I could charge $28 per hour for doing nothing!

This star rating system is silly - lowest permissable rating is 1 star, which is adequate. I wouldn't even characterise the service of this company as poor, it was terrible!

- So much for a bit of help after the arrival of #2

Ripped off

1.0 star rating

I can only speak about the one person referred to us by Magic Maids. She cleaned when we were all out of the house - we left enough money for a 3-hour clean. Today my husband went for a bike ride before the cleaner arrived, so left the key out just in case. He returned ONE HOUR LATER and the house was "done", money collected, cleaner gone. She thought he was at work today! When I called Magic Maids to tell them she was sacked, they simply said they would let her know. No apology, nothing. If I could set a no-star rating I would.

- LP User - 6000


1.0 star rating

I was quoted $33 an hour for an end of lease clean which would not take more than 2.5 hours and I was told the cleaners would arrive at 1pm that afternoon. My partner visited the house at 5pm that afternoon to check the job they had done while I was still at work. The house had not been cleaned. They arrived 4 hours late, with no explanation. I allowed them to clean it, I checked the job the next day. Worst job ever, lino kitchen flooring was not cleaned properly, sticky residue still remained near where fridge was. Mould still on bathroom ceiling, all mirrors had streak marks where they were wiped and black marks on main bedroom wall were not cleaned. They did not leave a receipt after cleaning. 2 Weeks later they charged $200 to my CC, i was told it was 3 hours, 2 cleaners $33 each.

- Furious

Never Again !!!

1.0 star rating

Please be wary of this company....
The cleaners turned up an hour and 15 minutes late and did a useless job !!! And I still had to pay.
The business manager offered NO assistance with my complaint.
Please do NOT use them !!!!

- House still messy

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