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Restaurant quality home delivered food

Servicing the Lower North Shore Area of Sydney, NSW

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Lite n' Easy supplies Sydney people with a delicious range of healthy low fat home delivered food suitable for both weight loss and convenience. At last you can enjoy a huge variety of delicious home delivered food which contains all the essential daily nutrients for good health.

Our executive Chef heads a team of professionals who work to ensure that each meal has maximum taste, while our dietitian ensures the meals are low in fat.

All your delicious meals are prepared for you and delivered direct to your door. There's no expensive joining fees, or contracts and no shopping or cooking needed - we do it all for you.
In 1986, Graham Mitchell set out to develop a weight loss program that would be easy, enjoyable and would really work. He himself had tried many programs and was frustrated with the fad diets and bland tasting food.

After extensive research in Australia and overseas, Graham went to work with the help of experienced chefs and dietitians. Together, they developed a program to help a person lose weight the healthy way.

This scientific approach has ensured that each person receives the correct balance of nutrients to provide enough energy to power them through their day, while promoting long term weight loss.

Lite n' Easy has also gathered a professional team of chefs who operate a research and development kitchen to ensure all the meals taste delicious.

This was Graham's dream becoming reality, food that tasted great, was low in fat, and provided all the health benefits that come from eating a balanced diet. An ever changing menu created from real food with the feel of real home-style cooking.

Over the years, Lite n' Easy has prided itself in being a 100% Australian Owned company that keeps up to date with the latest research and food trends. This has ensured that the meals are restaurant quality, as well as adhering to the strict nutritional standards set by dietitians and health professionals.

Lite n' Easy has now been operating for over 15 years and delivers to thousands of customers throughout Australia.

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