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Servicing the Lower North Shore Area of Sydney, NSW

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E-Dry Carpet Cleaning provides high quality dry carpet cleaning services across the North Shore. Leather cleaning and upholstery cleaning services are also provided. After a standard E-Dry carpet cleaning service, your carpet will be immediately ready to walk on and totally dry in 1 to 2 hours.

For that "pleasant feeling of soft, dry, clean carpets", go with the services of a company that tuely understand the value of customer service. With over many years of experience, E-Dry has become a trusted nasme in carpet cleaning delivering a service to hundreds of customers across Sydney every week.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not totally satisfied we’ll come back and re-clean your carpets.
Walk on DRY carpet Straight Away! After a standard E-Dry carpet cleaning service your carpet will be walk on dry straight away and totally dry in an hour to 2 hours. No mess, no fuss just a carpet cleaning service you can count on!

* All E-Dry Carpet Cleaning clients receive a courtesy call to confirm their booking several days in advance
* E-Dry Carpet Cleaning technicians not only undergo training to qualify them as an E-Dry Carpet cleaning and leather and upholstery cleaning technicians but they also undergo additional training in customer service
* All clients receive a call within days of the job being completed to check thet are happy with the carpet cleaning work completed
* All E-Dry Carpet clients receive a 14 day Satisfaction Guarantee on carpet cleaning. If an E-Dry client is unhappy with any of the work completed we will come back and rectify the problem free of charge
* All E-Dry Carpet clients receive a complimentary copy of the quaterly E-Dry newsletter filled with information from gardening tips to recipes and general lifestyle information. It's our way of saying thank-you for being an E-Dry carpet cleaning client.

E-Dry also provide a dry cleaning service for leather and upholstery.

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