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Healthy precooked food for people on the go

Servicing the Sydney Area

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Eat Fit Food delivers nutritional precooked meals to homes in the Sydney area for busy people who want to work hard, exercise regularly and eat easily.

The Eat Fit Food team works closely with a team of highly trained nutritionalists and fitness consultants and is the missing link in the fitness/health food chain for all busy people who want to work hard, exercise regularly and eat easily.

We live the philosophy of a balance between exercise and eating well and are constantly talking with people in the health and nutrition industries about getting the combination right!
EAT FIT FOOD meals arrive fresh on your doorstep daily in an insulated cooler bag and are packaged in disposable microwave safe containers.

Inside your meal package will be the day's food, menu with heating instructions. For those of you who don't use a microwave meals can be transferred to oven proof dishes and heated through. Cold meals may be requested if no heating is available.

If you live in a private house, your food package will be placed on your front doorstep. If you live in an apartment building with security access we will need to obtain a building entrance key from you.The food package will be left in front of your apartment door.

When you wake in the morning you will have your Eat Fit Food nutritionally balanced meals sitting right on your front doorstep.

Can you think of a better way to start your day!

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Eat Fit Food meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are available 6 days per week Monday - Saturday.

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