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Pest control and termite management.

Servicing the Sydney Area

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Assassin Pest Control, offers a range of pest control services in Sydney to eradicate pest in your home such as termites, ants, fleas, and cockroaches. Our termite management treatments are carried out in strict accordance to Australian industry standards and we offer many solutions including regular termite inspections, termite colony location, termite barriers, chemical application and termite barriers.
Our pest control agents look forward to servicing your pest control requirements. Customer service is our priority and we make the following offer to you "if we are ever too late for the initial appointment on the day that the Pest Control will commence, the Pest Control is absolutely free to the customer."

Assassin pest control solutions

General pest control for

* Bird mites
* Cockroaches
* Fleas
* Rodents
* Spiders
* Termites

We also offer pest inspections on commercial and residential buildings. Call us now to discuss your pest control management.

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